Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India 2020

Growing beard is gaining popularity like never before. Maintaining a good diet, regular exercise and using right set of beard care products are absolutely essential to have a healthy facial hair. While there are many products in beard care segment, we will help you pick some of the Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil Brands in India.

What is Ayurveda?

The ancient Indian medical system, also known as Ayurveda, is based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and remains one of India’s traditional health care systems. The main classical Ayurveda texts begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians. Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia.

Ayurvedic Practice

Ayurveda follows the concept of Dinacharya, which says that natural cycles such as waking, sleeping, meditation and so on are important for health. Hygiene, including regular bathing, cleaning of teeth, tongue scraping, skin care, and eye washing, is also a central practice. Extending these principles beard care is also a critical topic for well-being.

Ayurvedic Oil Categories

Ayurvedic oil has been relied upon for thousands of years as a foundation of Ayurveda. Broadly they can be classified into Base Oil and Herbal Oil. Base Oils are organic oils from natural source such as coconut, almond. Herbal oil is often a decoction of one or more ayurvedic herbs to combine both soothing and nourishing properties of the raw material.

What are the Benefits of Ayurvedic Oils For Beard?

  1. They combine with the natural oils to enhance the thickness and density of the beard
  2. Ayurvedic oils help you get rid of several problems like beardruff, inflammation and itchy skin
  3. They provide protection against the harmful effects of the UV rays from sun, dirt, pollution
  4. Ayurvedic beard oils also help prevent premature greying of your beard

Steps To Building The Perfect Beard Care Routine

Step 1 – Identify Your Beard Hair Type: Your beard and skin can fall into one of these types – Dry, Oily or Normal. The key to maintaining healthy beard is to adjust your beard care routine to suit your beard type.

Step 2 – Apply Right Beard Oils: Beard oil is not just a latest fad but it is an indispensable product for your facial hair. They help nourish and promote healthy beard and at the same time make you smell really good (in case it’s a fragrant one). The best time to apply beard oils is after washing your face with lukewarm water. This way, your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil.

Step 3 – Pick Right Beard Shampoo: The foundation of any respectable beard care regimen is a good beard wash. Well, the bottom line is to maintain proper hygiene to have a healthy and clean beard. It is like soap for your skin or like shampoo for your hair. You can read our detailed post on selecting the best beard shampoo.

Step 4 – Use Beard Butter: A beard butter is somewhere in between an oil and a balm – it’s not liquid, but it’s not a solid either. Beard butter is easy to spread and tackles dry skin very well. While soothing to the skin, it also provides moderate hold – so you can comb and tame the beard the way you like it.

Now we will look at some of the ayurvedic beard oils in India. Of course while there are lot of other good organic beard oils in the market they are not marketed as ayurvedic. We will only focus on those brands which are formulated as per ayurvedic practices and those that are available in India and can be easily ordered online.

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #1: Just Beard Traditional Ayurvedic Beard Growth Oil

This special beard growth oil is a mix of traditional ayurvedic ingredients known to boost hair growth and health. Bhringraj activates hair follicles to promote hair growth and health. This wonder herb helps to maintain your natural beard colour. Amla strengthens hair and is an excellent conditioner making your beard smoother and shinier. Henna conditions and strengthens hair and is a good antimicrobial agent. Henna can give a beautiful tinge to that grey in your beard. Brahmi is an excellent conditioner and nourishes the hair roots and accelerate hair growth.

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #2: Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Beard And Moustache Growth Oil

Despite being non sticky Beard & Moustache Oil, this oil keeps beard well conditioned and shiny. In addition beard oil, helps to soften, hydrate and condition beard while removing dandruff. This unique blend of 14 vital ayurvedic herbs hydrates the skin, improves growth of beard. At the same time conditions the skin underneath and gets rid of itchiness.

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #3: Beard Bloom Ayurvedic Beard Growth Oil

The Ayurvedic ingredients will help you achieve a dense and healthy looking beard that will make you stand out from the rest. 

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #4: PreVeda® Beard Growth – LITE Beard Oil

Best LITE Beard Oil – Keep Your Beard Groomed, Healthy and Tamed Naturally. Moisturizes Beard Hair and Skin, Eliminates Dandruff (Bearddruff) and Itching for a kissable and respectable beard. Use daily for the best beard effect.

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #5: KESHWAAN Beard Oil

 Keshwaan Beard Oil is a rich fusion of Oil, Milk and Magnificent Herbs along with wealth of Milk. It makes your beard smooth, shiny, soft and easily manageable. It provides natural nourishment to your beard. it helps in healthy growth of your prestigious beard 

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #6: Kesh Regrowth Ayurvedic Beard & Mustache Dashing & Fragrance oil 

Kesh Regrowth beard oil nourishes your hair from deep within to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. This efficient formulation blend has essential elements which restore your beard hair healthy and beautiful. 

Best Ayurvedic Beard Oil in India #7: DAARIMOOCH BEARD OIL – Earthy Heaven

This beard oil is packed with MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL, SWEETALMOND OIL and concoction of essential oils to bring out the style in your beard. Together, they will give your beard both a intoxicating fragrance and a healthy appearance.

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