Best Beard Wash in India 2020

You succeeded in growing a beard and thought life was good. And then you start to realize your beard is enjoying the food and beer that you were having. Your beard also comes in touch with germs and odor when you touch with your hands or smoke or simply while making out with someone. And not to end there- pollution, dust add to the beard woes. Time has come to look for Best Beard Wash Products in India that will suit your needs.  If you are new to beard care products do checkout our earlier article on Best Beard Oils in India and Best Beard Growth Oils in India.

Can’t I Use Regular Shampoo for Beard?

Why can’t it be a regular shampoo? The beard hair texture as well as underlying skin is significantly different than that on your head. Well think about it – the chemicals in the regular shampoo can make your skin dry and can cause irritation. It is because regular shampoos will strip natural oils from the beard.

The regular hair shampoos are not designed for use on your face. On the other hand, beard shampoos are designed not to use the harmful chemicals that strip out your natural sebum oils. Beard shampoos are much milder than hair shampoo or body soap and will simply remove the excess sebum.

Some of the good beard wash products have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients to further promote a healthy beard.

Why Use Beard Wash?

The foundation of any respectable beard care regimen is a good beard wash. Well, the bottom line is to maintain proper hygiene to have a healthy and clean beard. It is like soap for your skin or like shampoo for your hair.

Beard Wash products removes excess oil called sebum and foreign contaminants that may clog your pores. Clogged pores often lead to inflamed and irritated skin, itchiness, and acne. Without cleansing away sebum and other contaminants, beard will lose its shine and smell just as bad.

It protects from foreign bodies like dust, smoke and food particles. If you have dry flaky skin, unpleasant beard smell and beard itch then Beard Wash is a must and not an option.

How Frequently Should I Use Beard Wash?

You can start by using 2-3 times a week. But if you have unpleasant beard smell or you have high exposure to dust and pollution than an average person probably use it every alternate day. Likewise for people with very oily skin or longer and dense beards can use it every alternate day.

Wash your face every day, but not your beard.  If you wash your beard every day, you strip those oils from your beard leading to a dry and potentially damaged beard. First and foremost beard wash or beard shampoo isn’t a replacement for beard oil or beard balms/creams. All these products do complement each other and should be part of your regular beard care routine.

Best Practices for Beard Wash

Follow a simple 5 step routine:

  1. Prepare: This stage involves choosing the right water temperature. Never use cold or very hot water. Find a middle ground and use warm water which is comfortable. Very hot water has the tendency to dry out the roots (follicles). Cold water on the other hand closes the pores so cleaning action will be incomplete. Warm water ensures pores are open and allows for proper cleaning
  2. Apply: Take the quantity as recommended by the product manufacturer and try to build up lather on your palm and slowly apply it on the beard. Be gentle.
  3. Massage: Gently massage the beard and skin. Ensure not to top clean only. Scrub to clean skin better and improve blood circulation on the face. Do this for 2-3 minutes or as recommended by the product manufacturer
  4. Rinse: Use plenty of warm water to wash away all soap residues.
  5. Dry: if you have dry skin then avoid using towel, let the beard dry on its own. Other can use a soft towel – dab the skin gently rather rubbing. Always use a beard oil to condition your hair once you’ve washed out the shampoo and dried your beard.

That’s it – you will have a nice smelling, softer and manageable beard.

With the above foundation in place, now we will look at best products. We have selected only those which are easily available in India and ships to your destination – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurgaon or any location in India. So let’s get started.

Best Beard Wash in India #1: Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash

This beard wash and shampoo is completely sulphate and paraben free and contains no harmful chemicals. Moreover the product do not have mineral oils and no artificial fragrance. Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo & Wash moisturizes and hydrates the skin underneath to prevent dryness which causes dandruff in your beard. By properly conditioning your beard and the skin underneath, the beard wash will ensure that your beard growth is not hindered by hair loss and dandruff.

This product has got great user reviews on Amazon. This product is enriched with natural essential oils and extracts like Aloe Vera & Vitamin E to further strengthen the beard hairs and promote stronger and faster beard growth. The beauty of Aloe Vera is that it can soak into the skin really deep and provides a natural barrier that shields the skin cells from outside pollution and sun. Overall it is a fantastic product.

Best Beard Wash in India #2: ManCave – Beard Wash

ManCave BlackSpice Beard Wash uses Tea Tree oil to remove unwanted impurities from your beard and underneath skin. Packed with Jojoba Oil & Hemp Oil to aid the hydration of your beard hair. Jojoba oil has amazing properties for the skin and hair. This is definitely an oil you should look out for in your beard shampoo. The fatty acids contained in jojoba oil will coat the hairs, making them silky smooth with a nice sheen.

This product does not contain – Parabens, Sulphates (SLS SLES), Synthetic Dye, Mineral Oils, Petrolatum and are NOT Tested on Animals.

Best Beard Wash in India #3: Ustraa Beard Wash

Ustraa Beard Wash produces a thicker, more dense foam, that goes right to the base and provides thorough cleansing, including the skin beneath the hair which we tend to overlook.

It has got Soy & Wheat proteins that prevent post-wash dryness and keep hair moisturized. Our hair is made of keratin, a protein. The product also contains amino acids so when you massage into your beard, that protein strengthens and supports your hair’s natural structure. Damaged follicles are lifted up and fortified.

Best Beard Wash in India #4: Beardhood Beard Wash With Biotin And Aprikot Kernel Oil

This beard wash cleanses off the dirt, kills germs, prevents itching and much more. Infused with essential hair growth vitamin biotin and moisture sealing aprikot kernel oil.

Biotin as we know helps boost keratin which is vital for hair growth. Aprikot kernel oil is similar to natural human skin sebum. From eliminating the reason for hair damage and hair loss, this oil stimulates the growth of thicker, longer, and stronger hair. Sealing the moisture in hair and skin, it drives dandruff out.

Has got excellent user reviews on Amazon and we love this product.

Best Beard Wash in India #5: Bearded Soldier – Private’s Blend Beard Wash

Bearded Soldier Private’s Blend Beard Wash is perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies. It is also great for someone just want to take a fragrance free approach to beard care. While this product is Made in USA it is easily available in India.

The product has no sulfate, paraben and FRAGRANCE.

Best Beard Wash in India #6: Beardo Godfather Beard Wash

Perfect for someone who is exposed to pollution and dust. Beardo Godfather Beard Wash has the goodness of avocados, castor oil, argan oil and glycerine. So it provides your beard a smooth and refreshing look when used consistently over a period of time.

The Glycerin in the product acts as a cleanser and toner and cures itchy skin. The Avocado Oil treats dry skin and nourishes hair while Argan Oil helps premature greying.

Best Beard Wash Products in India #7: Col Conk’s Southwestern Sun Natural Beard Wash

Col Conk’s Southwestern Sun Natural Beard Wash combines special shampoo, conditioner, aloe and Argan oil designed especially for facial hair.

The Southwestern Sun scent is created by an exclusive blend of essential oils, with just a hint of citrus to provide a crisp clean fragrance.

Made in USA by cosmetic artisans in small batches in the US. However this product is easily available online in India. This Beard Wash moisturizes as it cleanses, not only preserving natural oils but neutralizing any stray or lingering odors facial hair may have picked up. A perfect cleaning and conditioning product for the bearded gentleman.

Best Beard Wash Products in India #8: GANS Beard Wash

If you have coarse and curly beard hair then GANS Beard Wash is the product for you. It has wekk known ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. This natural conditioning wash is tough on beard hair but gentle on the skin.

The product is suitable for all beards and types of skin. It thoroughly cleanses the beard without stripping the beards and mustache hair of its natural oils, while making your hair easily manageable and frizz free.

Best Beard Wash Products in India #9: Kaayena Naturals Hops Barley Whey Protein Softening Beard & Face Wash

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Best Beard Wash Products in India #10: Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Wash

Last but not the least Beardo The Old Fashioned Beard Wash is a great product. It leaves the beard clean and nourished, this product works wonders when used regularly. The product has Clove, Cedarwood Oil and Lime. Clove is believed to increase the thickness of hair and giving it the required volume it needs. Cedarwood on the other hand has anti-bacterial properties and keeps the facial skin and hair healthy.

With so many options that we have shared you probably will not go wrong in selecting what is right for you. So go ahead and wash your beard now!

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