Honest Amish Natural Licorice Soap Bar – Fishermen’s Soap

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A local favorite.This soap has the most implausible licorice scent that may be from anise essential oil. A slight scrubbing action from the natural anti-bacterial ingredient black walnut hull, this soap cleanses and condtions your whole body and face. It has a strong natural ability to take away odors and is perfect for the outdoorsman. From the moment you pick up this bar of our soap and smell it you are going to be hooked. Hand-made with the highest grade of organic oils and botanical additives, 100% vegan friendly, no artificial colors, scents, or preservatives. Our soaps are different, each bar is uniquely blended for a purpose, we use the best quality, virgin, organic oils with the majority of every bar containing rich emollient oils, such as olive, pumpkin, apricot kernel, almond, and castor. We then blend just the correct quantity of fair trade sustainable coconut and palm oils(Brazilian) to give each bar a mild cleansing property and enough hardness, alternatively, our soaps are soft and must not be set in areas that pool water or direct streams Zero Chemical Preservatives, Zero Fragrances, Zero Dyes, Zero Artificial Anything -ALL NATURAL Each bar has a varying weight and will range from 5.6 to 6.4 ounces. It is a large bar of soap. . Hand made by us here in Amish Country, have a wonderful day!


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