Honest+Amish Honest Amish Natural Peppermint and Chickweed Soap Bar

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Imported product, 100% genuine.

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The eye opening smell of peppermint and the tingle that feels so nice to get you going in the morning. It is a great all over the place bar of soap and has a ravishing natural scent. Chickweed has been used for centuries to aid in skin ailments. A good way to start your day and get you going. You probably have an allergy of chickweek please tell us, we also make this soap without it. Every single bar of soap we make has a different blend and ratio of oils in it. If you happen to like hand crafted soap, you’ll be able to appreciate our soaps. Made by artisan master soap makers to be pure, simple, and downright good. .Every bar has a varying weight and will range from 5.6 to 6.4 ounces. It is a large bar of soap. .Hand made by us here in amish country, have a ravishing day!

Imported product, 100% genuine.


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