Mercedes-Benz Club Eau De Toilette for Men, 50ml Price: 3,600.00 (as of 30/03/2020 20:01 PST- Details)


Are you in a position for an evening within the town? Neon lights, vivid colours, edgy locations. Breathe within the energy of a bustling, energetic city. Embrace the feeling of being young and free. Meet your party. Share your excitement. Live the moment. Sign up for the movement. The night is yours. Enter into the music. Take your a part of the fun, take your place within the club. It’s time for mercedes-benz club, a perfume for the brand new generation. Design – the bottle: streamlined and futuristic unique and original. Powerful and full of life. Young and up to date. An aerodynamic shape that suggests speed and motion. A metal sculpture, like an architecture carapace, whose curves and lines reveal the coloured gleam of glass. An exceptional object containing much more exceptional than itself, engraved with the emblematic star.


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